It has been quite a long while since I actually posted anything. Things have been really quite busy with moving house again, and my well-being not being up to scratch. However, now I feel like it is time to actually share with you something that I have been considering for a long while… the end of my social media. Maybe not the end… just a little cut.

Social media has always been a place that I run to, in times of sadness and joy. Now it has become the norm, and a source of so much emotional pain.

Twitter used to make me happy. I was able to share my thoughts about Disney and all the things I enjoyed without feeling judged. However, this has all changed, it is not a beautiful all encompassing place that it used to be. Every day I see a different argument or something wrong. It’s not fun anymore. From that it has made me feel awful,  thinking that I do not go on enough Disney holidays or travel enough to beautiful places etc. Who knows what it is and what is causing all of this negativity, or why. The only thing I really know is that Twitter is not feeling like home anymore, and I really want to get away.

Facebook has been one of them places where I have never felt happy to express myself fully. I have never been able to show the ‘real me’. I do post a lot of photos of me doing exciting things, and updating of my life just to keep a store of the memories. Now it feels that people are just sharing everything to try and prove that their lives are amazing. Yet for others, it provides a cycle of feelings that you are not good enough. It is awful.

Despite all of these negative feelings. The worst part of social media is how addictive it is. I cannot get away. I want to get away but I can’t. The feelings of missing out on anything is awful. It is a bit worse than the upset of everything else. I just cannot keep going around in a cycle of upset and worry.

So now I have come to a conclusion. I am going back to the late 90s early 00s. Where you were only able to be online for a few hrs because your mum needed to use the phone. Those were happier times, you were able to go online, but not excessively.

I just wonder how much that will actually save me from the misery and upset provided by social media!

Cya later guys!!

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