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Disney Illuminations: A Review!

Hi Guys! I have finally gotten over the Disney Blues and am finally able to begin posting about my trip to Disneyland Paris! I thought my first post would actually be about one of the newest additions to Disneyland Paris… Disney Illuminations! For those of you who don’t know, Disney Illuminations is the new nighttime firework… Continue reading Disney Illuminations: A Review!

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MUST HAVES: For a Disneyland Paris Holiday!

Hey guys! I have just started organizing for my upcoming Disneyland Paris trip and I thought I would share with you my MUST HAVES! Please bear in mind that I often visit DLP when it is colder, so these won’t necessarily be the must have if you are visiting in the middle of summer. 5.… Continue reading MUST HAVES: For a Disneyland Paris Holiday!


Are Online Friendships even real!?!

“How can you even be friends with someone you haven’t even met?! “ “It’s so weird that you speak to all those people!” “They could be stalkers… how do you know they aren’t Catfish!?” So many different questions from those who are obviously concerned about our online safety. Obviously, we need to be aware of… Continue reading Are Online Friendships even real!?!