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Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris!

Today is the day. Disneyland Paris turns 25! Unfortunately, I cannot be at the park to celebrate the big event but I am fortunate enough to experience the event in October. Over the years the back has been in states of disreapair, due to a lack of funds. I have seen the park in many… Continue reading Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris!

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Lego Disney Mini Figure Series 2: RUMOUR!

Hi guys! I came across an interesting Youtube video from Zebby Bricks, giving the new Series 2 lineup of Disney Mini Figs. Like most of you I have been eagerly awaiting the second series, and I really do not know what to do with myself until they are released. Rumour suggests that these  minifigs will… Continue reading Lego Disney Mini Figure Series 2: RUMOUR!

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Captain America: Tower Of Terror Overlay!

Hi Guys! After hearing that there is a rumour due, and rumour/thoughts have it that it is Marvel related, I thought I would come up with my own ‘rumour idea’. Especially after seeing the devestation and chaos of the Tower of Terror Guardians of The Galaxy Overlay. Honestly, I thought I could do better.  So… Continue reading Captain America: Tower Of Terror Overlay!