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The All Time Toughest Disney Tag!

Thanks to the lovely mandy at mandyjeanworld.wordpress.com for tagging me! It has taken me a while to fill in my answers, but you can check out hers HERE! HERE! Rules are as follows: – You can only answer each question with ONE answer. No multiples! For example, if asked who your favourite character is, don’t… Continue reading The All Time Toughest Disney Tag!

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45 Disney Questions.

Hey Guys! I have seen this lovely tag floating around Twitter for quite a while, and eventhough nobody has tagged me, I just really wanted to do it! So here are my answers! 1. Favourite Disney movie? My favourite Disney movie often changes depending how I feel. Although my top classic films can be found… Continue reading 45 Disney Questions.

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The Disney Era Tag – The Silver Era!

This has been something I have been planning on doing for a long long time. I was tagged by the lovely Vicki, you can check out her post HERE! The Silver Era spanned from 1950-1967, and contains Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, PeterPan, Lady and The Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmations, Sword in the Stone and… Continue reading The Disney Era Tag – The Silver Era!